Over the last couple of decades smoothies have taken the world by storm – and with good reason: they’re healthy, tasty, fast and convenient. But they are not all created equal…oh no, there is a science behind that cool taste.
In fact, a smoothie can taste like virtually anything – from a fresh baby leaf spinach salad to a birthday cake. This site will teach you how to get the most out of your ingredients: the best taste, the best nutrition and the best variety. It will also help you with dieting, weight loss and a variety of health and nutrition issues.

Eight Helpful Suggestions For Your Healthy Smoothies

You can enhance your Healthy Smoothies if you include some or all of these 8 simple ideas:
 1…Lock in the flavors in your smoothie recipe by using fresh fruits for maximum nutrition. You don’t have to use the artificial ones to make it tastier.
2…Try using healthy tea instead of milk to make the base stronger and nutrient stuffed. You can try green tea or black tea to start with as they have antioxidants to keep you healthy.
3…Have you ever tried dates to sweeten your smoothie? Remove the pits and soak them for at
4…If you are looking for a pro-biotic punch, add young Thai coconut water along with the milk. This aids in digestion and the same time delivers maximum nutrition.least an hour or overnight before blending. The other excellent choices to replace sugar are maple syrup, honey, apple juice and ‘Stevia’.
 5…Some spices add to the flavor. Try flavors like nutmeg, cayenne pepper, ginger and cinnamon.
6…Healthy fats are always preferred for more energy and stamina. You could include flax, avocado, coconut or even hemp oil.
7…You could add super foods that can boost the nutrition to a greater level. Include cacao, goji berries, maca, bee pollen, aloe vera, spirulina or coconut oil to make the difference.
8…Do you like your smoothies to be chilled with ice cubes? Why don’t you try coconut water cubes which would add more essential nutrients including potassium, magnesium as well as electrolytes to your drink.
We all strive for healthy nutrition in our daily lives, and these homemade drinks can play a large part, especially if we use good, fresh ingredients that we know are healthy. Try some of our recipes today in your kitchen….and do yourself a healthy flavor! Check our Smoothies Recipes Below! 

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