Back to Basics Smoothie Maker Review

The Back to Basics Smoothie Maker features an auto-dispensing pour spout just like you see at smoothie shops, however, consumer reports say there are problems with this.

back-to-basics-sr1000br-autoserve-smoothie-maker-1-500x500Editor’s Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0

Overall, in terms of making smoothies, the Back to Basics Smoothie Maker delivers reasonably well. It’s affordably priced and offers good power. There are not many reports of breakdowns as we’ve seen with other smoothie machines.

Of the 5 smoothie machine models offered by Back to Basics, we looked at the AutoServe Smoothie Maker, which has a cool auto-dispensing function where you press your glass up to the machine and the engine automatically starts and your smoothie is poured, just like at a smoothie shop. However, even though this sounds great, there are numerous reports of the pour spout not working and either leaking or the blended smoothies just coming out too slow.

As the automatic pour spout is a major feature of this smoothie maker, it’s a big disappointment that it doesn’t seem to work as advertised. You can of course just pour your smoothie from the container, but there are many other smoothie machines on the market with working spouts and similar features to the Back to Basics Smoothie Maker.

As a result we can’t fully recommend the Back to Basics Smoothie machine, until we see a newer model that fixes the auto-dispensing issues.


The Good

  • Easy to clean – the pitcher and engine base all wipe down easily
  • Good Pitcher – the specially designed carafe helps to smoothly blend all ingredients
  • Good power output – at 600 watts this smoothie maker offers good power


The Bad

  • Dispensing spout – reports say that the smoothie mix comes out too slow, and the spout can leak.



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The cool thing about the Autoserve Back to Basics Smoothie Maker is the auto-powered dispensing feature. You just put your cup or glass up to the spout and the motor starts and out come the smoothies.

The engine is a strong 600 watts and offers 2 speeds, including pulse. The jug container has capacity for 56 ounces which is enough to make seven 8-ounce drinks, and has measuring marks for ingredients and a funnel shaped design. The machine also comes with a stir stick to help push the ice and other thick ingredients down into the blender for an even blend.


Features Table

Price$20.00 – $200.00
Capacity56 ounces
Number of Speeds2
Jar MaterialUnknown
Power600 watts
Dishwasher SafeNo
DimensionsHeight: 16.5 inches, Length: 7.5″, Depth: 8.5″
Weight5 pounds
Warranty1 year
Ice CrusherNo
Pulse FunctionYes
Digital DisplayNo
Preprogrammed SettingsNo
Food Processor AttachmentsNo
Included RecipesNo
Cord StorageNo


For more information on any of these features, check out our best blender Buyer’s Guide, which provides detailed information on what to look for when buying a blender.


Consumer Reviews Summary

Summary of the most helpful positive reviews:

Owners feel that the smoothie maker really makes good, smooth, ice chunk free smoothies.


Summary of the most helpful negative reviews:

Despite it sounding so cool, there were a lot of negative comments about the pour spout. Owners say that the smoothies come out too slow and that the spout sometimes leaks. There were also some comments about the power; many reviewers had to use the stir stick to get the ingredients going.

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Back to Basics Smoothie Maker
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