Which vitamix Blender to buy?

Whether it is for home or business food and beverage preparation, the Vitamix do the great work. However, the broad range of blenders seems to also be an obstacle to buyers in finalizing which one they should buy. Also, different people may have different definition and criteria for a high-performance blender. Thus, scrutinizing the needs and wants before jumping into the buying decision is essential. And to provide you with thorough information that aids in your buying decision, this writing gives you the Vitamix Blender Reviews on the 3 most infamous products – Vitamix Turbolend 4500, Vitamix 5200, and Vitamix 7500.

Top 3 Vitamix Blender Reviews

Vitamix TurboBlend 4500 Review

Vitamix 4500

This blender efficiently processes vegetables and fruits for a broad range of recipes. Also, what

makes me appreciates the most about this blender is the ease of cleaning. With a drop of dish

soap and water, it can actually clean itself within just a minute. And I know this is a big plus for

this product, making it seem to win over other competitors in this aspect. Besides the 64-ounce

container, which is common in most of the Vitamix blenders, another advantage of using this

blender is that it thoroughly pulverizes the ingredients, especially garlic and onion.


  • High-quality tamper

Whoever designed this tamper deserves a life-time of happiness. In fact, I cannot find this

feature in any other popular brand name. The tamper can improve your Cuisinart’s

performance effortlessly. Normally, you can blend on the highest setting and then turn it off, stir

up the mixture with a spoon and blend again for the best result. This tamper can thus greatly

reduce the blending time.

  • Thick mixture

For those who are not really interested into watery smoothies, this blender is the best. It can

make spoonable smoothies and sorbets. Also, you can make ice cream and nut butter and when

they become cooler out, you can make some nice and thick soups in this.

  • Easy maintenance

As compared with Blendtec, I think Vitamix blenders, especially this one, is much easier to clean

and maintain. If you blends fruits and veggies, you don’t even need any soap, simple pour into

the container some hot water and let the blender run for about 10 seconds. For other food, you

need a drop of soap, and a clean cloth. All the dirt will come out easily.

  • Durability

You don’t really need to worry about the motor’s performance. Even though this blends has 2.0

peak, which is lower than most of Blendtec (3.0 peak), the motor and peak still work

equivalently impressively. Also, the motor of Vitamix is a little bit more durable than Blendtec.

And you don’t have to worry about burin the motor. In fact, the safety censor will automatically

turn it off when it starts to get too stressed.


  • Harsh “kickstart”

It is a little bit tough to start blending, even on the lowest blending. And if you are using the

tamper, you need to press the tamper down you seal the hole that it fits through. Otherwise, you

may end up with a mess on your hands when it splashes upon the kickstart.

  • “Whole nut” difficulty

Making nut butter from the whole nut is tough. Thus, you need to smash the nuts little bit before

putting them into the container. Or else, you can buy salt-and- sugar-free almond butter, it can

blend well this way.

  • The noise

When it starts blending, the noise is quite bothersome. However, it won’t be long because the

blender runs quickly.

Vitamix 5200 Review

Vitamix 5200

I think what this blender is best at is crushing seeds and making hot soups. Specifically, the

power and precision of the blade designs can grind the tiniest seeds. Also, what makes this

blender on the list of recommendations is its high-speed feature. The blades in Vitamix 5200 can

rotate fast enough to create the friction heat. Thus, it can bring cold ingredients to steaming hot

in just a matter of minutes. However, the high-speed rotation can also be a demerit. Let’s say

when you don’t want the ingredients to be heated, the Vitamix 5200may not do the job. Also, it

may not be a good choice for making ice blended drinks.


  • Huge savings on groceries

As the 5200 series can make most of the beverage recipes, it saves a big amount of expenditure.

Also, this Vitamix blender offers the same-quality results as coffee shops and juice bars, It thus

inspires your interest in making homemade drinks for your family.

  • Encouraging healthy eating

With the high-class features that help you to make healthy drinks with ease, the Vitamix 5200

will make even kids enjoy the fruits and veggies. This blender give you the smoothiest

smoothies, making it so enjoyable to promote healthy eating.

  • A high-performance food processor

Besides making smoothies, juice, and sorbet, it can also make nut butter, salsa, and hot soup. In

other words, the Vitamix 5200 is not only a blender but also a powerful food processor. And you

will definitely the results of your blending.


  • The noise

Similar to the Vitamix TurboLend 4500, the 5200 series also has this disadvantage. Thus,

making smoothies in an apartment at 8p.m may not be something that your neighbor will enjoy.

However, again, you won’t have to hear the noise for long.

  • Unbalanced posture

This is the biggest deficit of this product. You may always feel compelled to hold the jar while

blending because the 5200 seems not to be able to sit properly on the base. And when the motor

works hard, the blender has the tendency to rotate a little bit on the base. However, the rotation

is not considerable because eventually the square rubber holder will control the rotation.

Vitamix 7500 Review

Vitamix 7500

This blender is widely known as one of the most powerful household blenders of Vitamix. It

quickly blends any whole-food ingredients with ease. Also, with the pulse feature, the Vitamix

7500 utilizes the layer coarse to chop the purees for the soft and smooth texture. The ten speeds

enable you to further refine every texture with the precision in culinary. On the other hand,

what may make put you off from this product is its over-grinding power. Thus, while using this

blender, you should watch out for it before it over grinds the ingredients.


  • Quieter

This is a big improvement in the Vitamix series. Also as this blender is heavier than the other

two, it will not shake and the base will not rotate easily even when the motor is working hard.

Thus, in this aspect, the 7500 definitely wins over the TurboLend 4500 and 5200 series with


  • Stronger motor

The Vitamix 7500 is equipped with G-series platform and a 2.2 peak. As a result, its blending

power is much stronger than the other two. In fact, it is a redoubtable opponent for any high-

class Blendtec blender.

  • Worth the money

Some people may be skeptical about buying a $500+ blender, but you have my words, this

blender worth its weight in gold. The improvement in noise reducing and performance

enhancing is a huge plus. Besides making common beverages, this blenders can also make whip

cream, batter, any other kind of mixture with highest demand for smooth texture.


  • Teflon problem?

This is the only disadvantage of this product. Even though there are just an inconsiderable

number of people reporting about this problem, there should be a serious consideration about

it. In fact, we do not really know if this problem is just a story created by the competitors.

However, we should still be highly aware of the possibility of the Teflon flake while blending.

CriteriaVitamix TurboBlend 4500Vitamix 5200 Standard Vitamix 7500
Dimensions20.5 x 8.75 x 7.25 inch20.5 x 8.75 x 7.25 inch17.5 x 9.4 x 7.7 inch
Weight10 lb 9-ounce10lb 9-ounce12.5 lbs
HP2-peak2 peak2.2 peak
Electrical Ratings120V, 50/60 Hz, 11.5 Amps120V, 50/60 Hz, 11.5 Amps120V, 50/60 Hz, 12 Amps
Design featureThermal protection system & radical cooling fanThermal protection system & radical cooling fanThermal protection system & radical cooling fanThermal protection system & radical cooling fan
Cord6 ft6 ft6 ft
WarrantyStandard – 5 years (free)
Extended – 3 additional years for $75
Standard – 7 years (free)
Extended – 3 additional years for $75
Standard – 7 years (free)
Extended – 3 additional years for $75
Color1 – Black5 – Black, Brushed Stainless, Platinum, Red & White3 – Black, Red & White
AdvantagesLow price, large volumeLightweight, long warranty, various color optionsStrong, long warranty, large cutting blades, high peak
DisadvantagesShort warranty, no color option, modest performanceQuite high price, less available in storeHeavy, quite small volume, high price, electric-consuming

Which Vitamix blender to buy?

As the ultimate goal of this writing is to help you choose which Vitamix blender to buy or to use, it gives the answer depending on different possible criteria. And just so you know, different requirements will, of course, have different answers for the big question.

Cost-effective winner

Needless to say, the Vitamix TurboBlend 4500 wins over other two competitors in this aspect. As compared to about $499.95 and $525.95, the price of this blender appears to be a much better deal. So if you want to start with a standard blender that offers the affordability, the Vitamix TurboBlend 4500 is absolutely the perfect choice.

Also, if you are not selective in color options, this blender should be one the priorities. In fact, the Vitamix TurboBlend 4500 can serve all of the typical homemade recipes, and its performance is still in the highly acceptable range. As a result, cooking beginners or budget buyers are those most suitable customers for this product.

High-class performance with long warranty

In this case, the Vitamix is the winner. Even though this blender’s price is much higher than that of Vitamix TurboBlend 4500, it proves to be a better performer. And for those who have a relatively high demand for the texture of the ingredients after blending, the Vitamix 5200 can do a good job.

Additionally, this blender is lightweight and available with up to 5 color options. Among the 5 colors, brushed stainless and platinum are the most favored colors, which are not available in the other 2 kinds. However, what you should note is that there are not always full-color options accessible in the stores. Thus, it may take you a while to get your favorite color.

The most powerful household blender

This is for you to know that all the 3 blenders have the equal chance to win the competition. For this reason, my Vitamix Blender Reviews do not serve the purpose of advertising any particular product. Instead, it helps you to make sure that whatever you choose, you will make a smart decision. Come back to the story of the most powerful household blender, this Vitamix 7500 has the 2.2 peak, which is higher than any other competitors. Moreover, it offers wider and deeper dimensions of the container, making it easier to grind all the ingredients at high speed thoroughly.

Along with the G-series, which is stronger than the C-series of the other two, this blender has the power to mash any harsh texture of the food. Thus, for those who are looking for a top-class blender without minding about its price and heavy weight, the Vitamix 7500 should be a priority.

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Above are the Vitamix Blender Reviews covering 3 most popular Vitamix blenders as mentioned. So after all the reading, have you chosen the right one for yourself? I hope you already found out which Vitamix blender to buy. And also this piece of writing is hopefully providing you useful information. Many thanks for reading.

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