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Breville Juicer Reviews

Breville Juicer Reviews

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The Breville Juicer is without doubt one of the leading brands of Juicers in the Market today. Lets have a look at what makes Breville Juicers the Best Selling Juicer Brand online.
Breville have been making juicers since 1932 (and marketing them in the US since 2003) and the company is well-known for producing some of the Best juicer extractors in the Market.

All in all, this is a Great product if you’re looking for A Quality juicer at a Reasonable price.

In fact, the Breville Juice Maker Brand is so good that it is the Best selling juicer in the world.

Choosing a Breville extractor is a very safe way to go.

Best Breville Juicers Compare
ModelPower (watts)WeightRatingPrice
Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain1000 watts14.6 pounds

Breville Je900 Juice Fountain600 watts11.9 pounds

Breville BJE510XL Ikon900 watts14.4 pounds

Breville Je95xl Juicer850 watts12 pounds

Breville BJE200xl 700 watt compact700 watts11 pounds


Buying Breville Brand ensures

  • You own a very Powerful Juicer Machine (much more powerful than other Brands on the market like power juicer Elite, a Jack lalane juicer)
  • You Pay less for your juice maker comparing to other brands
  • You can juice hard vegetables and fruit no problem-pineapple, celery, uncooked beets- this juice extractor Never tires out)
  • Compare juicers and you’ll find the Breville juice extractor is easier to clean
  • The Intuitive design makes it simple to put together or take apart. Most often you don’t even need the manual Guide.

The Excellent Juicers Breville Manufactures

Even Martha Stewart used the Best selling Breville Juice Fountain Elite to make a healthy and delicious green vegetable cocktail on her show.

Here are the Most popular models from the Breville Juicer Reviews:

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Juice Extractor
Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Juice Extractor

This beautifully designed Breville Juicer has a 1 1/3 horsepower motor that processes a lot of fruit and veggies in a very short time.
The Best thing about the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain?
It has 2 speed control options, one for juicing hard products, the other for juicing leafy greens and soft fruit.

For hard vegetables and fruit, the juicer’s high-speed delivers a crushing 13,000 RPM – approximately three times faster and more powerful than most other Juicers.
The Low-speed option delivers Great results juicing leafy green vegetables and softer fruits with a very good juice yield.

You don’t need to force or push the vegetables into the feed chute. They just seem to disappear inside.
The wide feed tube saves time as very little pre-cutting, slicing, or dicing is needed.
The stainless steel juicer parts never become stained from fruit & vegetable juices (like some of the white plastic Juicers do).
This juice extractor is simple to put together and dishwasher safe-what a relief!

Customers report: Juicing Every Day With Breville Juicer 800JEXL (by Rachel Fox)

I purchased a Breville Juicer 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor about four months ago and have used it regularly, at least six times a week, to make fruit and vegetable juices for my family.

I bought this juicer to replace my old Hamilton Beach and I have to say, Breville vs Hamilton Beach, Breville is a great appliance!

I’ve been so pleased with how easy the juicer is to operate; even the kids can help out with making their own juice!

One of the best features is the machine’s large feed tube. This makes for less chopping and dicing on my part, since the tube is large enough to handle relatively big chunks of fruit.

I’ve also been impressed with the power and speed of Breville Juicer 800JEXL. It’s tough enough to handle even the things you wouldn’t normally associate with making juice like citrus peel, pineapple and even broccoli!

It has high and low settings, which make quick work out of everything that I’ve put into it.

The froth and pulp are dispatched into a separate container so you only get the pure juice.

Another plus: You don’t get that annoying grinding sound with this juicer. It’s pleasant to be able to hold a conversation while it’s running and not have to shout!

Breville Juicer 800JEXL is very sturdy, as well. It comes with a one year warranty, but even with the kids and husband using it, durability has not been an issue and neither has cleaning.
The juicer parts are dishwasher safe, and the machine is a snap to wipe clean. There aren’t any nooks and crannies to have to worry about.
Simple clean up is important to me, and this machine really is very easy to maintain.

My family has been extremely pleased with this product. It makes all kinds of juices quickly and easily and we’re looking forward to making many more with it!

Buying Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Juice Extractor Now

Breville Je900 Juice Fountain Professional Juice Extractor
Breville Je900 Juice Fountain
The Breville Je900 Juice Fountain Professional Juice Extractor has been called the world’s fastest juicer.
It can produce an 8-ounce glass of juice in 5 seconds.
Unlike other juices that require long preparation of Chopping slicing, or dicing – What makes this Breville Juicer so attractive is the fact that it enables juicing whole apples, pears, tomatoes, peeled oranges, and a few carrots at a time. A true Time savor!
Dishwasher Safe Parts make it One of the easiest juicers to clean.

This Juicing-Monster is able to chomp down easily hard products like pineapples, carrots and broccoli.
It does not tire out fast, and carries out extensive episodes of Juicing.
The Breville Juicer parts can be put in the Dish washer.

Customers report: Is Breville Je900 OK for Leafy Greens?

Breville JE900 is a fantastic juicer and in this price range of 100$-200$ it’s absolutely the best juicer around.
Breville juicers are centrifugal juicers. That means they have a very powerful motor that can quickly juice even the toughest products. Like uncooked beets for example for a beetroot juice, which is probably one of the Best you can drink for your health.
This doesn’t mean you can’t throw in spinach or parsley if you feel like it. It WILL juice these products, although the pulp comes out a little moist.
You can juice the pulp a second time to get more juice out of it.
Breville juicers are geared for juicing hard products and that’s what they do best.
If you think spinach, sprouts, wheatgrass and parsley will be part of your daily juicing then the Best Juicer To Buy for leafy greens is a masticating juicer which will grind every drop out of it.
A masticating juicer will also juice carrots and apples too but at a much slower pace as it is optimized for juicing leafy greens. The masticating motor works slowly so it does not heat and does not spoil the Nutritional values in the juice.
If leafy greens is your thing then go for the Omega J8006 as it will give you the best results.

Buying Breville Je900 Juice Fountain Now

Breville BJE510XL Ikon
Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain

A Smart juicer that has a unique five-speeds juicing option to maximize juice yield and minimize waste.
The 5 speeds option make the Ikon Juice Fountain very efficient at juicing anything, from Hard products and Soft fruit to leafy greens.
The lower speeds are for soft fruits and leafy green vegetables. The higher speeds maximize extraction from hard veggies and fruit such as apples, uncooked beets and carrots.

This Breville Juicer, as all of the Great Breville juice extractors, comes with a Wide feed tube.



Customers report: Breville BJE510XL Ikon - Takes Less Than A Minute To Clean It (by Allan)

My juicer is Breville BJE510XL Ikon.
It takes only seconds to set up this juicer. The juicer itself has only 3 pieces to snap into place, plus there’s the acrylic pitcher, pulp basket, and pusher. The pieces fit perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.

The Breville Ikon is very easy to clean after using. It is not messy. It only takes a few seconds to clean my juicer. I figured out a good way to clean it.
The secret is to quickly clean up as soon as I have finished juicing. Rinse off all juicer parts. This should remove 90 to 90% of the pulp debris.
So far, with immediate cleaning after use, there have been no stains.

This brings me to the second reason I like it:
It’s also very quick to prepare the vegetable and fruit since almost no cutting is needed for the 3″ diameter tube.
I don’t have to do as much cutting ahead of time as I did with other juicers with a narrower chute.

A few compromises. No juicer is perfect.
This juicer is a bit loud.
The pulp in this Breville is neither very wet nor very dry ,it’s average. For sawdust-dry pulp and more yield a masticating juicer is probably better.
But since I know from experience that masticating juicers require cutting the products into very small pieces, and then a very slow juicing process, I feel that my Breville BJE510XL Ikon is a better fitting juicer for my hectic lifestyle.

Buying Breville BJE510XL IKon Juice Fountain Multi-Speed 900-Watt Juicer Now

Breville Je95xl Juicer
Breville JE95XL

Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus. Extra-large feed tube for juicing whole fruit and vegetables, Up To 50% More Juice than other juicers, Large capacity slide-out pulp container, Easy hassle free cleaning (the easiest juicer from the Breville line to clean). 850-watts of power – juices an 8-ounce glass of juice in 5 seconds. All parts dishwasher safe except for motor.

Customers report: Breville JE95XL (by Linda)

We have a Breville Juice Fountain Plus (Model JE98XL) that we received as a Christmas gift last year from my mom.
We use it all the time; I try to juice almost every day because it makes it so easy to get your fruits and vegetables.

Helpful tip; if you want to get more fiber, which you lose when you juice, take some of the pulp and stir it back into your juice; add as much as you want to the consistency that makes you happy.
I like to juice fruits in season as our base and add frozen fruits and whatever veggies make me happy. I juice grapes and pears and watermelon (as the base juice) in the summer, apples, bananas, carrots (as the base juice) all year long. I also add tomatoes, spinach, beets, celery, and a bunch of other veggies in smaller amounts to both change the flavor and to get additional nutrients. Try juicing tomatoes and red pepper and corn off the cob; freeze the juice in bags or ice cubes and use it when you make soup or cook.
I love the three inch wide feeding chute for the no-hassle produce with hardly any preparations.

Buying Breville Je95xl Juicer Now

Breville BJE200xl 700 watt compact juice fountain
Breville JE95XL

Although the Breville BJE200xl 700 watt compact juice fountain has a Compact design, you can expect it to deliver powerful Juicing, just like you’d expect from any other Model of Breville.

The powerful motor can produce 8 oz (250 ml) of juice in 5 seconds.
Like the rest of the Breville line Juicers, this Juice extractor too has Dishwasher-safe parts, and an exceptionally wide feed tube that can take in large carrots, beets and small apples.
Juicer parts are stainless steel, so no stains accumilate over time. The juicer comes apart easily and cleans up quickly.
Comparing to other Juicers from Breville, this Model is more quiet.

Customers report: Breville BJE200XL Is The Best Juicer! (by Amy - New Jersey)

I have a Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain.
I received it as a engagement present recently and it is wonderful.
It juices things really fast, with little to no cutting.

It doesn’t take very much preparation time in terms of cutting fruits/vegetables in order to make them small enough.
Carrots take a little more effort in terms of cutting, but other than that, it has been able to handle small apples, and much more, with only moderate cutting.

For its price, the juicer has a sharp, durable blade, and is well-powered to handle most juicing needs.
As I said, I am yet to have a negative experience with the actual juicing.

Other things that I like are that it is very easy to take apart and re-assemble for cleaning and storage.

I like the way that the container sits to the side and is easy to pour.

The juice is smooth and the pulp feels dry so the juicer is efficient.

I’ve had a few juicers and based on my experience, the noise level with this one is about average in comparison.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and I don’t think that I’ll have to utilize that warranty because it is a quality juicer. Some of my family members also have the same one, and it is still running strong after three and half years

Overall I’m very pleased with my Breville BJE200XL Compact Juicer and would recommend it to anybody looking for a quality, mid-level priced juicer.

Buying Breville BJE200xl 700 watt compact juice fountain Now

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