Coffee Grinders

coffee grinders

coffee grinders

Coffee Grinders are available with many different options, so to find the right one for you, you will need to do some research. This way, you will hit the ideal one with the first one you purchase.
Before you mull over the good and bad of blade grinders compared to burr grinders, there are other things to think about first.

Both grinders come in electric and manual models. The action of grinding the coffee beans is similar to making hand cranking ice cream to make it. The first time it is fun. After that, electric powered is preferred.

What difference is there when coffee is freshly ground with your cup of java? What are your first thoughts about the refreshing brew in the mornings? Buying a coffee grinder makes a dent in your budget on some level.
Below are some important features on each kind of grinder for you to consider.

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Compare the blade grinder with the burr grinder.

The Blade Grinders

The blade grinders are equipped with a blade, which does a spinning action to grind coffee beans. Many of the models have specific adjustments to set for how long they run each time. The grind becomes finer the longer the blade runs. This could alter the result of your coffee, because if the grind is too fine the sediment will go right through a filter. Then it goes to the bottom of the container and spoils the quality of your cup of java.

The Blade Grinders

The Blade Grinders


1. The blade grinders usually cost less than burr grinders.

2. The coffee beans are satisfactorily ground.


1. Ground coffee is not always uniform. There are beans that barely get ground while others wind up in big chunks.

2. The flavor and quality of the brewed coffee is not as good because of the uneven texture of the grind.

3. The blades can overheat when run long enough for a fine grind, this can ruin the flavor of the coffee when brewed.

Burr Grinders

Burr grinders or coffee grinders, as they are also called, operate in a different manner than the blade grinders do. In place for grinding, the beans are crushed between the wheel moving, and the surface of the grinder’s container. You only need to set the level of grind desired on the grinder’s control panel. Choose between the doserless or doser models for the storage area for this coffee bean grinder.

Burr Grinders

Burr Grinders


1. Burr grinders always produce an even grind.

2. The settings are easy to us with these grinders.


1. Typically, burr grinders cost more than the blade grinders do.

2. Models differ somewhat and certain ones are trickier to clean than other ones are, and there are some that clog quite easily.

You need to think about what flavor and quality your want your coffee grind when you are buying a coffee grinder. How full flavored with determine whether you buy a blade grinder or a burr grinder.

A blade grinder is fine if you only like a simple cup of coffee and want the freshness of the grind. If the blade grinder satisfies you, there is no need to spend a lot for a burr grinder. Many users of the blade grinders recommend gently moving the machine from time to time, so that it will better cut the coffee bean chunks.

You might not wind up with as flavorful of brewed coffee from your selected coffee beans because of the quality of the grind. Remember, it is probably the unevenness of the grind the blade grinder does, which causes this, even if you are satisfied.

However, if you are like other coffee drinkers you want consistent results when you grind beans and brew them into a hot beverage. This is when you want to consider the burr grinders, because certain models of these produce this type of results.

Connoisseurs of coffee are in favor of selecting the burr grinders, because of their consistent grinding ability, which results with rich flavorful coffee in each cup. Excellent flavor is guaranteed with the even grind of the coffee beans.

You easily can find either type of grinder in stores on the Internet to compare and purchase. A number of the top coffeemaker companies as in Braun, Alpina, Capresso, KitchenAid, Mr. Coffee, Krups, Solis, Russell Hobbs, and Delonghi make at least one type of grinder.

Check for sales that happen during the year. Although, you will be tempted to purchase a grinder quickly, it might be wise for you to wait, because you may find a better one at a lower price. Jot down the features you wish to have and why, and then compare prices, while you shop.

Check out reviews. Many consumers love to leave their opinion on the Internet, whether favorable or not, on a product they have used. After you decide between the blade grinder and the burr grinder, search on the Internet to find reviews to choose the top ones that appeal to you.

This way, you can read comments on various grinders from those who have them, which is much more useful than a sales pitch from the manufacturers. You will know better how easy and consistent the grinder is, along with the slight differences between models that may affect the grinds.

This is better than learning several days into owning one that your grinder is not right for your needs.

Notice the reviews that have positive feedback, but also the ones that include negative feedback. Repeated praise or common problems written about a number of times by the owners of grinders will point the way to or from particular models.

Some of these are:

1. Machine easily clogs

2. Coffee has bitter flavor because of overheating

3. Coffee beans become stuck in grinding mechanism

4. Makes too much noise

5. Creates static electricity

6. An even grind

7. Easy to clean and maintain

8. The ground coffee is simple to access

9. Machine is durable because it is well made

Making the decision on the coffee’s flavor and quality is the first important step to finding the right coffee grinder for you. Closely looking at the various brands and models are is the next thing to do.

Reading reviews and watching for sales will also help you decide which grinder to get for your home, whether it is a burr or blade.

Coffee grinders are trickier than you think, to pick out to use!


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