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Hamilton Beach blenders are amongst the most reliable in the world. The Hamilton Beach blender offers style, high quality and superior craftsmanship.

Hamilton Beach is a very reliable company. From the beginning, they’ve always held a philosophy of strong, professional craftsmanship, and technical innovation. This is probably why their blender lineup is considered to be amongst the best in the world.

From there they branched out into a wider range of home appliances, going well beyond drink mixers. They also created other appliances for the kitchen like batter mixers, and products such as room fans and hair dryers.
If we can get into their history a bit, the company began back in 1910 as the Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company. It began as a partnership between the inventor, Chester Beach, and L. H. Hamilton, a businessman from Racine, Wisconsin. Beach had developed a drink mixer used to make milkshakes with malt mix from the nearby Horlick Milk Company, and Hamilton saw some promise in the idea. He invested into Beach’s potential as an inventor, and the two made history creating a number of reliable products and selling them across the country.

Here’s a little known fact: the electric massage vibrator was a Hamilton Beach invention. So the modern day electric massage and the blender are both built on technology originated by Hamilton Beach.

Their current lineup still holds true to that same sense of craftsmanship and innovation…


Single Serve Blender

This is exactly what we’re talking about. The single serve blender is a portable blender that mixes a single serving. You can throw it in your suitcase or purse, put it in the glove compartment, it might even fit in your jacket pocket. When you feel like a shake or a smoothie, pull it out and blend it up. It’s really a brilliant little device.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender – Single Serve Perfection
The Hamilton Beach personal blender is small and convenient, yet powerful enough to blend your smoothies to perfection. Blend it up and take it with you.


Hamilton Beach 14 Speed Blender

The 14 speed blender is powerful, featuring a 700 watt engine, and affordable, priced around $40-50. It features a patent pending blade design system called Wave Action where the blades help to pull ingredients down and mixes them more consistently. The result is a smooth and silky drink or smoothie. The 14 speed blender comes with a 3 year warranty which is a testament to its high quality.

Hamilton Beach 14 Speed Blender Review – Check Out The Wave Action Blade Design
Hamilton Beach 14 Speed blender features Wave Action technology and a 700 watt motor to ensure that your smoothies are silky smooth with no ice chunks.


Hamilton Beach Commercial Blender

Hamilton Beach has designed its commercial blenders to be very durable and long lasting. Parts are easy to replace if they do wear out, and the machines are backed by a 2 year warranty. For a home blender the HBB 908 is a good choice, especially if you like simplicity in design (2 speeds) and if you think you’ll be using it a lot and banging it around. For a commercial operation, like a restaurant, you may need some more engine power than is offered with the cheaper commercial models. The HBB 908 only offers 280 watts, however the more expensive Tango model has 745 watts.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Blender Review – Model HBB 908
The Hamilton Beach Commercial blender is built to be durable and long lasting which is ideal for a blender under $100. However it seems to be lacking in engine power.

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Thermal Cooler Plus 10 Speed

Another great bit of innovation. The blender jar is actually a big thermos. This means that you can blend up some shakes and take them with you to a sporting event or a hiking trip. They stay cold, and you don’t have to worry about blending it and then finding a thermos big enough to pour it into. Just throw it all in, hit the button, and you’re good to go.

Hamilton Beach Blender Chef

How cool is this? It’s a blender/food processor. This is accomplished by offering the user both a blender jar and a food processing top. Use whichever one you need to use at that moment, and you have two appliances in the counter space of one.

Wave Station and Dual Wave

The Wave Station and Dual Wave are the dispensing blenders in the Hamilton Beach blender lineup. They have a dispenser on the front of the blending jar, like the dispenser on a water cooler, so that you don’t have to lift it up, remove the lid, pour it, and try not to spill it all over the floor when you want to get a drink.

Hamilton Beach Hand Blenders

These are sort of like electric mixers for your drink. Pop on whichever head you need, stick it in your cup, and you can make a shake right in your hand. This really takes the hassle out of making mixed drinks, as you no longer need to get your blender dirty just to make a twelve ounce smoothie anymore.

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics

The “Eclectric” is an all metal Hamilton Beach blender. Why is it all metal? Well, for a few reasons. First of all, it holds cold and hot very well, almost like a thermos. Secondly, it’s sturdy and resilient. You can throw this thing against the wall a few dozen times and still make a shake with it. Third, it looks really, really cool on your counter top. We recommend it for anyone who wants a blender, but wants it to match the stainless steel aesthetic they’ve got going on in the kitchen.

These are some of their more popular blenders, but you need to do yourself a favor and check them out for yourself. You may think that the ten dollar drink mixer you got from the grocery store is all you’ll ever need, but wait until you try a Hamilton Beach blender. Once you do, we predict that you won’t be willing to go back to the same old same old you’ve been resigned to so far.
Hamilton Beach Blender Reviews by Owners
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Hamilton Beach blenders have a long history, going back many decades. They are known worldwide for their superior craftsmanship, durability, and high level of innovation. But what’s the real scoop behind the marketing jargon? You can find out on this page by reading the reviews of visitors to this site. The best Hamilton Beach brands are rated five stars according to owner submissions.

So, if you’ve owned a Hamilton Beach blender, let us know what you think about this product. Do you love or hate your blender? How has it worked for you? Is it a great, quality product that you would recommend to others, or is it a piece of junk you would never buy again?

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Maureen Moynihan - January 3, 2017

I loved the HB single serving blender at first. Makes great smoothies. However, I then noticed that the liquidified contents seeps into the housing surrounding the blade & there is no way to clean inside the housing. Tried a toothpick, soaking in vinegar, washed in the dishwasher, can never get that residue cleaned out. Emailed HB customer service including a photo of the housing clearly showing the residue – their response – an email telling me how wonderful they are. There are also many product complaints online.


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