List Health Juice Recipes for your Family

Health Juice Recipes for you to try: nine of them assorted. A collection of tonics and boosters to get you through the day, using a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit.

It should be mentioned that this website does not promote or support any medical claims in these recipes and anything inferred by the titles is purely unintentional. We are not professional health care people so do your own due diligence when using these recipes and check for your own allergies and with your own health professionals.

We do know that the ingredients are not unusual and that if fresh, and preferably organic, fruits and vegetables are used, the resulting juice could be a positive addition to any ones normal diet.


3 Oranges.
2 hard Pears.
1 small Yam.
Juice together.
Add a little crushed ice.
Sip slowly.

[ Supposedly power-pushing juice for joggers.]


3 Carrots.
2 lettuce Leaves.
1 handful string Beans.
4 brussel Sprouts.
2 Apples.

[ Suggested as ‘Helpful for diabetes and hypoglycemia’]


1 wedge Watermelon.
1/2 lb. red Grapes.

[ Evidently the name comes from the fact that when you put a piece of watermelon in the juicer it comes out like ‘Niagara Falls’ and also because watermelon is a ‘great diuretic’.]


1 Lemon.
2 Radish.
1 Beet.
1 slice Spanish Onion.
2 sweet Potato.
1 Celery stocks.
2 Tbs. cider Vinegar.

[ The name suggests you drink this juice in the morning, just before a brisk walk or run]


4 Carrots, Clean and remove top and bottom.
2 Asparagus spears.
1/2 a medium Iceberg Lettuce.
1 handful of Spinach leaves.

[ This is supposedly a powerful skin healer, protector and cleanser. ]


2 whole Apples.
2 unpeeled Kiwi Fruit.
2 unpeeled Pears.
1 Celery stick with leaves.

[ This juice combination is reported to be a ‘stress buster’. ]


3-4 Carrots.
1/2 bunch Kale.
1/2 bunch collard greens Watercress.
1 or 2 Celery sticks.
1/2 to 1 Apple.
1/2 red Pepper.
1/2 green Pepper.

[ This juice is very green but strong in nutrition and anti-oxidants. ]


1 Orange.
1 hard Pear.
1 Yam.
1 Grapefruit.
1 Apple.

Scientists have determined that we use only 10 percent of the brain.
Here is a juice to stimulate all of that unused percentage back into activity.
No more morning brain fog.

[ NOTE: Grapefruit and some heart medications do not go together!]


1 Lemon.
1 Orange.
3 hard Pears.
3 Apples.

[ We are informed that this juice combination assists in the healing process of bruises, aches and pains, but we have no idea how and why!]

Quite a variety of health juice recipes for you to try. Again, please be advised that we DO NOT endorse any of these recipes as medicinal, or claim that they have any medical value.

Check the ingredients if you have allergies and always check with your own health care professional to make sure the drink combination is right and safe for you!

Hope you enjoy them…there are more for you to explore…

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