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Personal Health Juicing recipes that cover all sorts of ailments! Juicing recipes with titles like Calming, Skin Healer, Pain Remover or Blood Sugar Stabilizer…ten of them actually.

But please note: We don’t pretend to know if these health drinks actually work as the title claims, in fact we have to say that we make no claim at all as to what the title of the recipe says, because as far as I know (and that’s very little!) there is no such thing as anti-aging, so an ‘anti-aging drink’ might just taste good!

Some may help as suggested, some may not, but this website does not offer these recipes with any medical reputation, understanding or claim. These personal health juicing recipes may just taste nice, and, if fresh, organic ingredients are used, provide some minerals and vitamins to your normal diet.

Try some, enjoy them and perhaps…do your health a flavor!


1/2 sweet Potato, scrubbed and cut into pieces.
3 Carrots, scrubbed.
1 stalk Broccoli, washed and cut into pieces.
4 sprigs Peppermint, washed.

Using juicer, process sweet potato.
Set aside.
Using another container, process carrots, broccoli and peppermint.

When white starch has settled on the bottom of the container, pour sweet potato juice carefully into carrot juice mixture, being sure to leave starch behind.
Discard starch, whisk juices together and pour into glass.

[ In simple terms, aging is the process whereby our cells are damaged by oxidation. In truth, we are rusting from the inside out. Antioxidant herbs and vitamins help prevent the damage to cells by oxidizing agents, which makes them a kind of rust proofer! ]


1/2 Watermelon.
1 Lemon.
5 Oranges.
1 can frozen Pineapple concentrate.

Juice together and serve cold.


6 Carrots.
6 Spinach leaves.
4 Lettuce leaves.
1/2 Beet.
4 sprigs Parsley.

Juice together and serve as a cold drink.
[ good for anemia and low blood pressure]


6 Carrots.
10 Spinach leaves.
4 Turnip leaves.
4 sprigs Watercress.

Juice all together and serve cold.


1/2 cup Kelp or other sea herb.
1 cup hot Water.
2 stalks Broccoli, washed and cut into pieces.
2 Kale leaves, washed.
2 stalks Celery, washed.
1/2 green Pepper, washed and cut into pieces.
4 springs Parsley.
1 Apple, washed and cut into pieces.

In a medium bowl, pour Water over Kelp.
Soak for 15 to 20 minutes or until Kelp is reconstituted.
Drain soaking water, reserving for another use.
Using juicer, process Kelp, Broccoli, Kale, Celery, Green Pepper, Parsley and Apple.
Whisk together and pour into glasses.


2 ribs of Celery.
1 Apple.
3 Carrots.

Juice together and serve immediately.


1/4 inch Ginger root.
1 Beet.
1/2 Apple, seeded.
4 Carrots, green tops removed.

Push Ginger, Beet, and Apple through hopper with Carrots.
Juice and serve immediately.


1 Chile, washed.
2 Carrots, scrubbed.
1 clove Garlic.
1 handful Thyme, washed.
1/2 Cucumber, washed and cut into chunks.
1 Apple, washed and cut into pieces.

Using juicer, process Carrots, Garlic, Thyme, Chile, Cucumber and Apple.
Whisk together and pour into glass.
[ If you’re unaccustomed to the heat of chiles, start with a small piece and add more once you become accustomed to the fire. ]


4 Apples, washed, cut into pieces.
1 (1/2-inch) piece Ginger root.
1 half Lemon, peeled and halved.
1/2 teaspoon crushed Lavender buds.

Using juicer, process the Apples, Ginger and Lemon.
Whisk in lavender and pour into a glass.


6 Carrots.
4 Kale leaves.
4 sprigs Parsley.
1/2 Apple.

Juice together and serve.

Quite a variety of juicing combination’s for you to try. Again, please be advised that we DO NOT endorse any of these recipes as medicinal, or claim that they have any medical value.

Check the ingredients if you have allergies and always check with your own health care professional to make sure the drink combination is right and safe for you!

Hope you enjoy these personal health juicing recipes…there are more for you to explore…

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