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Natural Sugar Substitutes

Natural Sugar Substitutes include such things as fruit juices, honeys or maple syrup. These products can be used in a Smoothie instead of straight sugar of some kind. Generally the sugar from the fruit itself is enough to flavor the smoothie. Many people like their smoothies “au natural”, meaning they enjoy experiencing the taste of […]

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Power Smoothies

Power Smoothies for that ‘powerful’ daily send off. But what is it that gives them the ‘Power’ ingredient? Fresh fruit is a healthy base but the addition of Oats, Wheat Germ, Molasses and/or Soy Protein really beefs up the protein power. Try different fruits and even a few vegetables until the taste is right and […]

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Nutritional Smoothies…three great recipes!

Nutritional Smoothies are a great addition to your healthy, daily food intake program. These smoothies are not only tasty on the palate but have a host of nutritional benefits. By combining fresh fruits and fruit juices with a milk or yogurt base, these smoothies are a delight. There are no set rules to making them: […]

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Healing Smoothies

Healing Smoothies can promote healthy bodies, support our immune system and build muscle mass and bone strength. We can’t prove that these smoothie recipes will produce a drink that will definitely “heal” but we do know they all have healthy ingredients that will promote healing. As always, check out things with your own medical professionals […]

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Smoothies For Great Skin

Top 5 Smoothie Recipes for Great Skin With all of the makeup, junk food, and harsh weather conditions we encounter every day, it seems like there’s always something trying to negatively affect our skin. Heavy lotions make us break out in acne. The most delicious foods produce oily skin. Meanwhile, the sun beats down on […]

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Vegetable Smoothies

Vegetable Smoothies are not quite as common as fruit smoothies, possibly because vegetable juice is more common. We have a few unusual ones such as Pumpkin, Yam and even kale. The extra vitamins and minerals that vegetables add to any drink, whether as a smoothie or just as a juice recipe, are always well worth […]

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Smoothies and Colon Cancer

The question of Smoothies and Colon Cancer is a very serious one especially when you are talking about Apple smoothies because there has been research done on the connection between ‘cloudy’ pure apple juice and polyphenols, which are a player in the very serious Colon Cancer race. This is another in the guest writer series […]

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Kids Smoothies

Kids Smoothies are great for fast, healthy foods that can be adjusted to suit any child’s tastes. Make them at home with really fresh fruit and you have a tasty, healthy and nutritious addition to any child’s day. If you’re a parent you know how hard it is to get kids to eat their recommended […]

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Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Fruit Smoothies are the basic form of all smoothies and can be made with any combination of fruits that you like. They usually have a ‘thickener’ such as a banana or some form of yoghurt and some may even have a sweetener, if the fruit itself is not of the sweet variety. Various ‘Super Foods’ […]

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