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How To Make a Smoothie at home?

The key reason why people cherish smoothies is the fact that they’re mouthwatering. Knowing that they as well nourish our body system is a plus. Smoothies are prominent simply because they are easy for individuals to consume the approved quantity of vegetables and fruits needed for their body. You possibly can make mouth watering glass […]

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Natural Sugar Substitutes

Natural Sugar Substitutes include such things as fruit juices, honeys or maple syrup. These products can be used in a Smoothie instead of straight sugar of some kind. Generally the sugar from the fruit itself is enough to flavor the smoothie. Many people like their smoothies “au natural”, meaning they enjoy experiencing the taste of […]

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Power Smoothies

Power Smoothies for that ‘powerful’ daily send off. But what is it that gives them the ‘Power’ ingredient? Fresh fruit is a healthy base but the addition of Oats, Wheat Germ, Molasses and/or Soy Protein really beefs up the protein power. Try different fruits and even a few vegetables until the taste is right and […]

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Healing Smoothies

Healing Smoothies can promote healthy bodies, support our immune system and build muscle mass and bone strength. We can’t prove that these smoothie recipes will produce a drink that will definitely “heal” but we do know they all have healthy ingredients that will promote healing. As always, check out things with your own medical professionals […]

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