Gyrobowl : The Non Spill Container

If you have been watching television, you may have seen the commercials on Gyro Bowl .

For some who didn’t happen to see the commercial, it is a food container for kids that has been designed to be 100% kid-proof. This is kid-proof in such a way that your kids will not be able spill food and at the same time, they will not be able to destroy.

This product has received many positive reviews and feedbacks since it has launched. If you have small kids, then this product is just right for you.

How it works
Understanding the design and physics used in this product will help you appreciate how it is able to prevent spillage. This bowl is uniquely shaped in that it works like a globe.

It has an outer ring with an inner bowl that enables it to rotate at 360 degrees inside of the ring. With this concept, even when the bowl is turned upside down, it keeps food inside. It spins and spins yet keeps stuff in, making it a super snack contraption for kids.

Known benefits
Since the bowl is spill-proof, you will no longer have to worry about food spills on the carpet and floor. With this advantage, kids can finally bring a snack just anywhere without your eye constantly on them. It makes snacks fun without making a mess.

It also comes with a Stay Fresh Lid so food can be stocked. The Gyrobowl may also be used for non-food items such as nuts & volts, push pins, paper clips and other tiny school or office supplies.

We like the gyro bowl. I’m pretty sure nothing is ever going to be 100% without a doubt spill-proof. And while the gyro bowl comes close, no one should it expect it to prevent absolutely every spill. As long as your child carries the bowl around without deliberately forcing the food out of the bowl, you are going to love the product too.

The inventors of the gyro bowl cannot defy gravity, and I never expected them to. But they did come up with a really neat, innovative product that does prevent common spills, and that kids seem to really enjoy.

The one minor hassle involves having to take the bowls apart before you wash them because your child’s food will get wedged in between the inner bowls. Once you do it the first time though it really just becomes second nature to you to pop the pieces apart, and put them all back together when you’re done. Just don’t let your kid watch you do this!

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Gyro Bowl - Non Spill Bowl
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