Magic Bullet The Deluxe 22 Piece Set

In our Magic Bullet reviews we look at the Magic Bullet Deluxe. As a personal blender the Bullet works well for smoothies and easy items just don’t look to replace your full size blender.

I’m sure by now everyone’s heard of the Magic Bullet Deluxe blender from their advertising. It looks really cool on the infomercial and is a neat concept. Blend what you want in a cup and take the cup right along with you. Most people seem to really love the Bullet at first, then over time, as we read in a lot of the consumer reviews, people start to have problems. There were many reports of engine failures and breakages. Most of these are covered under the one year warranty offered by Magic Bullet, however it sounds like from the reports that customer service is really horrible to deal with.

As far as personal blenders go, the Bullet is not a bad buy. You just have to realize that it cannot handle large, difficult to blend items, like big ice chunks, nearly as well as a full size countertop jar blender. We rated the Magic Bullet Express at number 4 on our list of the best personal blenders. The Magic Bullet Express and the Deluxe have the same engine and most of the same accessories and it’s about $10 cheaper. You can read our full Magic Bullet review of the Express model.

So there are some better and cheaper personal blenders out there that offer better quality and the same types of accessories as the Magic Bullet, they just may not have been as hyped up, so you probably haven’t heard of them. If you do go for the Magic Bullet Deluxe, just be sure to hang on to your receipt and don’t expect it to last very long.



  • Easy to use – just push on the top to start and pulse, or twist for continuous power
  • Good power – the Bullet offers 250 watts which is good for a personal blender
  • Stable – the Bullet won’t jump around on your countertop
  • Convenient – blend and take your cups or mug with you
  • Easy to clean – clean the cups just as you would any others, in the dishwasher



  • Poor Value – there are other personal blenders that cost less and offer better quality
  • Poor quality – In our Magic Bullet review we found that the Bullet is not made with the highest of quality parts and is subject to breakage
  • Short lifespan – this blender doesn’t seem to last very long (over a year)



There is one model of the Magic Bullet Deluxe piece set.

Our Rating
7 piece system  
11 piece system  
12 piece system  
15 piece system  
17 piece system    Check Price
18 piece system  
25 piece system  

The other Magic Bullet blender is the Express model. It has 17 pieces. You can read our Magic Bullet Express blender review to find out more. The Deluxe and the Express models use the same engine and blade system. The Deluxe has all of the same cups, mugs, and tops as the Express model but adds the following: 1 extra party mug (5 party mugs instead of 4 with the Express), 1 extra lip ring (5 instead of 4 – these go on the party mugs), and a 3 piece large pitcher/blender, which you can see in the picture at the top of the page (far right in the back.)


The Magic Bullet Deluxe blender is small and compact, taking up only as much counter space as a coffee mug. It is simple to use; you just press down on the top of the cups to blend, and it blends most ingredients in 10 seconds or less. In our Magic Bullet review we found that the Magic Bullet’s blending secret is its bullet shaped design and specially designed blades that automatically spin the ingredients into the cutting zone with a powerful force.

To use the Magic Bullet just load one of the cups or mugs with ingredients, twist on the flat blade or cross blade, put it all onto the power base, and press down. You can press down and hold for longer blending or pulse by pressing down periodically. To stop the blades, simply stop pressing. You can also lock the Magic Bullet by twisting the cup. It will continuously blend after that until you twist in back off. Use the lock mode for preparing creamy dishes like smoothies and frozen cocktails. Use the pulse mode for chopping chunky dishes like bean dip or egg salad.

After the ingredients are blended you can take the cup or mug with you, or store it in the refrigerator or freezer for later. The cups and mugs are also microwave safe so you can easily heat up the soup from the fridge that you made a couple days ago.

You can make different frozen cocktails using different ingredients in each cup and hand them out to guests at parties, or if the kids all want different smoothies, there’s no problem with the Bullet.



High-Torque Base – The Magic Bullet Deluxe has a 250 watt power base that can be used with all attachments.






Cross Blade and Flat Blade – The Bullet Deluxe comes with 2 types of blades. The flat blade is used more for hard foods like nuts and coffee beans while the cross blade is used more for chopping and grating things like vegetables and cheeses. Both types of blade are dishwasher safe.



Long and Short Bullet Cups – you get one short and one long cup with the Bullet Deluxe. Both are microwave and dishwasher safe. The tall cup is great for drinks and smoothies while the short cup is better for dips and salsa.




5 Party Mugs with Lip Rings – These party cups are great for guests or family members who all want different drinks or smoothies. You can serve them up without having to clean a large blender jar. The comfort lip rings all come in different colors to help everyone keep track of their cups.



Re-sealable Stay Fresh Lids – these let you safely store your leftovers in the fridge. They fit securely on both the long and short cups.





Shaker/Steamer Tops – One top has large holes for coarse ingredients like Parmesan cheese and the other has smaller holes for shaking finer ingredients like cinnamon or nutmeg. These tops let you serve toppings right from the cup or steam foods right in the microwave.





10 Second Magic Bullet Recipe Book – This 100 page recipe book has tips and tricks on using the Magic Bullet as well as every recipe shown on the Magic Bullet Infomercial. Some of the recipes include frozen drinks, gourmet dinners, breakfast, and delicious desserts. All can be blended in 10 seconds or less.


Features Table

Price $$
Capacity 1 cup
Number of Speeds 1
Jar Material Plastic
Power 250 Watts
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Dimensions Height: 13 inches, Length: 10″, Depth: 10″
Weight 10 pounds
Warranty 1 year
Colors Silver
Ice Crusher No
Pulse Function Yes
Digital Display No
Preprogrammed Settings No
Timer No
Food Processor Attachments No
Included Recipes Yes
Cord Storage No



Consumer Reviews Summary

Owners are all over the board on their Magic Bullet review of the Bullet Deluxe. They either really love it or really hate it. About a third of the consumer reviews are 1-2 stars and about 60% are 4 or 5 stars.


Summary of the most helpful positive reviews:

Most owners really like all of the cups, caps, mugs, and blades you get with the Deluxe model. They also like how easy it is to use and how clean-up is simple compared to a full size jar blender. They also like that you can take it with you on the go. Reviewers also like the small size of the Magic Bullet and how it stores away nicely. Most feel in their Magic Bullet review that they got a lot of items for the price. Several owners also say they are planning to give Bullets as gifts in the near future.

Most owners say the Bullet works great for all of your lighter to blend items like soup, milkshakes and yogurt and fruit smoothies, however it’s a little harder to get big ice chunks and really thick ingredients to properly blend.


Summary of the most helpful negative reviews:

Many of the negative Magic Bullet review talk about the Bullet as being overly hyped on TV and not living up to what the infomercial says it can do. They say it’s not as easy to use as you think and you have to have to skill to get it to blend and chop properly without turning certain ingredients to mush.

There were also reports of engine failures and breakage within a year of purchase. A lot of owners that reported these breakages had part of the plastic from an engine gear in the base unit break off and get into whatever it was they were blending. One Magic Bullet review talked about eating pancakes and finding some plastic from the blender. Many say that the Magic Bullet is very low quality and poorly made. Most failures are covered under warranty for the first year, but it seems like most people had poor experiences with customer service.

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What has been your experience with the Magic Bullet Deluxe blender? You can submit your Magic Bullet Review and find out more about what other owners think about this brand. You can find the best blender here.

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