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The Magic Bullet blender is great for individuals and offers quick blending, a small size, and a variety of attachments and cups to suit most any use.

The Magic Bullet Blender is sold and created by Homeland Housewares, a company that specializes in products for everyday use in the home. They make products that have improved upon many household products that are available already; products that work for day to day needs. The Magic Bullet has been a popular appliance for many years, mainly because of the popularity of its infomercial.

The Bullet is a compact blender that has many purposes in the kitchen. It comes with a powerful base that allows all of the attachments, such as juicers, blenders, and food processors, to do their jobs.

So why would one get a Magic Bullet instead of other blenders or food processors? Convenience and speed are the two most important factors. For one, all elements of the Magic Bullet except the base can be easily washed in a dishwasher. It also does not take up much room on the counter, so it can be used for everyday meals without having to be stowed away.

The Bullet is also a very fast blender. When it is new and the blades are in good condition, it can blend food in only a few seconds. This can make cooking or blending very simple.



The Magic Bullet is offered in two models: The Magic Bullet Express and the Magic Bullet Deluxe. The Express is a 17 piece set that comes with a power base, a tall and short cup, two blades, shaker tops and lids, 4 party cups with colored lip rings and a 100 page recipe book. We have a detailed review of the Magic Bullet Express here.

Magic Bullet Express Blender Review
In our Magic Bullet Express blender review we talk about the convenience that makes this brand so good and the low quality that makes us question buying this blender. Read full review or Buy now



The Magic Bullet Deluxe is a 22 piece set that includes many of the same items as the Express, plus a nice carrying case. You can read our detailed blender review of the Deluxe Model to find out more information

Magic Bullet The Deluxe 22 Piece Set
In our Magic Bullet reviews we look at the Magic Bullet Deluxe. As a personal blender the Bullet works well for smoothies and easy items just don’t look to replace your full size blender. Read full review¬†or Buy now


How To Use a Magic Bullet Blender

To use the blender, just fill up one of the special Bullet blender cups with whatever food or drink you want to mix up. Some ingredients that you can put in the cup include fruit, juice, and ice to make a smoothie. Then you screw the cup into the blade component. The blade is surrounded by a black cup-like plastic casing. From there, the blade and cup are placed into the Bullet base. Then two options are available.

  1. The person using the appliance can push down on the cup and the motor performs a pulse action. This allows the food to be chopped up into coarser segments. This is best for salsas and other types of food products that are not completely blended together.
  2. A person can twist the blade in the base and thus lock it in place. The cup can be in this position for several seconds, which will blend the contents. This action is best for things like blended coffee drinks, smoothies, and omelets.


The Bullet Cups Are What Makes the Magic Bullet Blender Special

There are Bullet cups that come in various sizes. This allows one to choose cups that relate to what they are making specifically. Also, Party Packs are available, which feature cups that have handles and lids to allow one to drink directly out of the cup.

One of the great features of the Magic Blender Bullet is that its blending cups have re-sealable lids. These lids can help keep dips and other recipes fresh for later. There are also re-sealable lids that have holes in them, which can be used for parmesan cheese and other toppings.

Magic Bullet Platinum Pro Blending System

There are also many different Bullet attachments available. The Magic Bullet Platinum Pro Blending System comes with a strong base and includes a large blender. The large blender attachment is used in the same way as other cups, yet it is designed for more people. With this machine, several smoothies or other creations can be made instead of only one serving.

Bullet Express Trio

There is also a product by Magic Bullet called the Bullet Express Trio. It includes a powerful Bullet base, a mixer, a food processor, and a juicer. This variety lets you simply use the base for many different applications. This can save you from having to purchase many different appliances.

With the Magic Bullet and similar products, one can easily create many delicious recipes in little time. The many accessories make the Bullet convenient for many different uses, including blending, creating toppings, and grinding coffee. The different machines and attachments available can take up some room in a closet or kitchen counter, but they take up far less room than if you bought each individual appliance.

The Bullet also comes with a recipes cookbook, which includes many recipes appropriate for the blender. These include guacamole, frozen drinks, and pasta sauces. With the Bullet, many things that were once inconvenient and difficult to make, are made simple.

The Magic Bullet blender is both convenient and simple to use, which can make someone want to cook more, which can save money. These products may be a wise investment for someone just starting out, or for someone who wants to consolidate and simplify their kitchen accessories.

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The Magic Bullet blender is a compact personal blender that is made and sold by Homeland Housewares. There are two versions of this popular blender, the Magic Bullet Express and the Magic Bullet Deluxe. The Express is a 17 piece set and the Deluxe is a 22 piece set, both of which come with a variety of cups and attachments.

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