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Magic Bullet The Deluxe 22 Piece Set

In our Magic Bullet reviews we look at the Magic Bullet Deluxe. As a personal blender the Bullet works well for smoothies and easy items just don’t look to replace your full size blender.

I’m sure by now everyone’s heard of the Magic Bullet Deluxe blender from their advertising. It looks really cool on the infomercial and is a neat concept. Blend what you want in a cup and take the cup right along with you. Most people seem to really love the Bullet at first, then over time, as we read in a lot of the consumer reviews, people start to have problems. There were many reports of engine failures and breakages. Most of these are covered under the one year warranty offered by Magic Bullet, however it sounds like from the reports that customer service is really horrible to deal with.

As far as personal blenders go, the Bullet is not a bad buy. You just have to realize that it cannot handle large, difficult to blend items, like big ice chunks, nearly as well as a full size countertop jar blender. We rated the Magic Bullet Express at number 4 on our list of the best personal blenders. The Magic Bullet Express and the Deluxe have the same engine and most of the same accessories and it’s about $10 cheaper. You can read our full Magic Bullet review of the Express model.
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Magic Bullet Express Blender Review

In our Magic Bullet Express blender review we talk about the convenience that makes this brand so good and the low quality that makes us question buying this blender.

Our Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0


You’ve all heard of the Magic Bullet Express blender, especially if you watch any late night TV. There was a time when their infomercial was everywhere. From our analysis it seems that the Magic Bullet Express delivers on many of its promises and is a really nifty little blender. The problems though seem to lie in its durability. If you use the Magic Bullet Express blender exactly as prescribed in the manual, and keep it cleaned and maintained well, and don’t run the engine too long (over 30 seconds), then it will last you a good while (hopefully at least a year). However, if you like to load it up with hard to blend ingredients (peanut butter, big chunks of ice, nuts, etc.) then you’ll likely be disappointed. Continue reading “Magic Bullet Express Blender Review”