Protein Shake Recipes For Athletes and Weekend Warriors

What are your favorite protein shake recipes that help you recover from workouts, give you more energy, and taste good? Add them here, and see what shakes others have added.

Every player and sports enthusiast has their favorite blend of protein drink to make them bigger, stronger, faster, or just help them get through the day. What types of shakes do you like to blend up? What ingredients do you like to add to the brew; peanut butter, a carrot, raw eggs? Do you like to boost your shake up with protein powders and supplements? If so, which ones are the best?

The market is filled with supplements and various off-the-shelf protein drinks. Entire stores like GNC in the United States are dedicated to this market. You can off course buy a ready-made protein shake mix, or make your own, or do both. If you have a special blend that you think really tastes good and gets the job done, let us know using the form below.

Under the form you’ll find the best protein drink recipes ranked by our editors and visitors to this site.

What Is The Best Protein Shake Recipe?

Let us know what shake you think not only helps improve your performance but also tastes good.

If you like adding a supplement to your protein shake, name it, tell us where you bought it, and for how much.

If you play a sport, let us know which one, and how this protein shake helps you perform or recover better.

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